Podcast Diet – “The Web Ahead”

As with any kind of content on the web, the choice of podcasts is immense. I suspect that many share my problem that even the number of those that I subscribe to means that more than I could ever listen to piles up on may various devices. When I find some time for listening, I’m often close to the total petrification that too much choice can bring with it.

“The Web Ahead” is a podcast that recently has managed to snag me out of this state a few times. I’m not necessarily a fan of the ultra-conversational and free-ranging style that this and other 5by5 podacsts adopt. Whether this works depends entirely on the particular combinations of guests and hosts. On “The Web Ahead”, at least for the few episodes that I’ve listened to so far, it stays on the right side of things. Jen Simmons, the host, gets the balance between geekiness and accessibility right, and it’s always good to have somebody host who’s actively and deeply involved in the field a show is about. The guests deliver a good broad overview of their topics, and the topics themselves are highly relevant and current. While the entire thing is something that can easily be listened to while being slightly distracted from e.g. doing something around the house, there are enough nuggets of insight there to make it well worth the while.


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