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Apple != Invention

When discussing Apple, sooner or later somebody will disgustedly ask what Apple ever invented. The question itself is easy to answer: not much. The PC, the GUI, PDAs, MP3 players, touch screens, smartphones and tablets all existed before Apple released the first product in the category. Apple did not invent them. In most cases, though, their releasing a product fundamentally changed the playing field in the category. (As the inclusion of the PDA shows, this is not universally the case. And they needed two attempts for the GUI.) This is because Apple are not an invention company. Their strength is taking the technical basis for an existing product, and then transforming it into an Apple product. This entails leaving out any features that do not work well enough yet, cutting any other features they deem not essential to the core experience, and polishing what remains. This polishing includes all parts of the experience, from packaging to casing to small details of the UI and UX. They then apply a bit of pixie dust (aka the reality distortion field) and market the hell out of it. It is this entire chain that makes Apple, not any particular huge inventive step. Accusing Apple of not inventing new technology thus misses the point of the company entirely.


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Linkage: The Android patent infection

Android’s patent problems have attracted the attention of the mainstream press, and are about to influence actual product availability in several markets.

My take on some of the aspects in connection with this can be found in a post at unwiredview.


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What could the iPhone Nano be?

Apple are certainly thinking about an iphone Nano, but won’t do it until they feel that they’ve gotten it exactly right.  Getting it right is a much more complex question than shrinking the screen and casing. Anybody who is thinking about differentiation just in view of the specs of the current, or any particular model,  is getting it fundamentally wrong. The next iphone generation, should it include the Nano, has to be looked at in connection, and possible upgrade paths for the iphone 5 and further iphones have to be taken into consideration. Continue reading

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