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Free of checking for the regular

The day started off very nice, with warm and sunny weather. I didn’t take a jacket with me to work. Now I’m sitting at the office and waiting for the torrential rain to stop so that I can get home without being soaked.

Why is there no service on my phone that queries a local weather report, or, even better, constructs an average of several local weather reports, and alerts me when there is a high likelihood of the weather changing for the worse in a way that requires preparation?
Similarly, why can’t I have an alert when leaving the house for work in the morning that my train is late?

Neither of these occurrences, the weather changing much for the worse, or the train being late, is frequent enough to warrant me actively checking the information every morning. It’s only the exceptional events that are of interest. It’s up to technology to free me of having to check the regular in order to be warned of the exception.


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