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The new iPhone? – Just one wish…

It’s iPhone day today. While that’s always an important date for the industry, I’m not all that interested personally. Apple products are not for me. This time round I only have one definite wish concerning the new iPhone: it shouldn’t bring a screen larger than 3.7″.

Large screens are certainly great for some important activities such as browsing the web, and for less important ones such as watching video. For all those much more numerous times throughout the day when I quickly need change the track that I’m listening to, or check the time, or actually call somebody, I want a device that I can easily use one-handed. Anything with a screen above 3.7″ falls outside of that category.

With the entire Android world already deep into the collective madness of only 4″ and above screens for any flagship model, the iPhone is the main bastion that still prevents the entire industry from equating a high-end handset with one that has a huge screen. If it goes, my chances of buying something with current, great specs at a size that I’m comfortable with sometime within the next 12 to 18 months decrease a lot. So while I certainly won’t be buying an iPhone 4S/5, here’s to it having the right size for me, to help the chances of me finding another phone that also does.


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